Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Falling Down

From the movie "Falling Down":

"I've passed the point of no return. Do you know what that is, Beth? That's the point in a journey where it's longer to go back to the beginning. It's like when those astronauts got in trouble. I don't know, somebody messed up, and they had to get them back to Earth. But they had passed the point of no return. They were on the other side of the moon and were out of contact for like hours. Everybody waited to see if a bunch of dead guys in a can would pop out the other side. Well, that's me. I'm on the other side of the moon now and everybody is going to have to wait until I pop out."


  1. All the kings men and all the kings horses...


  2. Jon, incredible you already posted about this exact quote. I didn't know exactly why I had to post this but it made me feel like extra terrestrials disclosure is coming soon. Your quote makes more sense: "the clip from the movie where Mike Douglas comes down from the top of the wall and confronts the world as an awoken mind."

  3. Thanks Jen. I'm still tinkering with the Jen post. I should say, waiting. I haven't added to it yet. But perhaps this sync is a part of it.

    My mind is already lining up some stuff I won't post here.

    Talk soon g8or lady

  4. Oh yeah... I forgot to mention the dialog where Nick The Nazi tells him to move his hand and doug says he can't because of gravity.

    I'll break it down...

    -Mike Douglas is the egg or moon.
    -Nick the Nazi represents the Lcross orbiter. *Kozmikon mentioned the 7cross being a swastika. Like 4 sevens joined at the base become a swastika.*
    -And Nick breaks his glasses thus collision.

    You dig?

  5. Jon, I don't understand the cracked glasses reference ("collision") you mention. Although I do get that part of the movie was the point of no return because he kills that neo-nazi, thus falling down.

  6. I'm sorry. I assume so much and detail so little...

    The collision is the recent moon collision where the Lcross slammed into the moon.

    I compared Mike Douglas' character from falling down to the moon. Cause he is humty dumpty which is an egg and the moon can thus become an egg that we are trying to crack. Dig? Moon = egg


    Nick the Nazi breaks his glasses in the movie. The whole dialog resonates with the moon collision because the Lcross(swastika) slammed into the moon. Nick the nazi = Lcross

    I hope this explains my view a bit better. If not I think I'll do a post on it. :^)

  7. Jon, very cool. Thanks for the explanation. I totally forgot about the moon collision. Duh Jen.

  8. I believe 2009 is:

    yup, noooo doubt about that