Friday, April 2, 2010

Tav Time

I've been seeing a lot of Ts lately, see reference list at the bottom of this blog entry.

In Hebrew, the letter "T" is "Tav."  It is the last letter of the alphabet. In the Talmud, Tav is defined as Truth, since truth is found at the end of a journey.

Tav is the mark in Ezekiel's vision.  Ezekiel 9:4 reads angels inscribe a blood mark of the letter Tav (תָּ֜ו) on the foreheads of those that grieve over the abominations committed in Jerusalem.  And, those without the mark were slaughtered.
So, Tav is the seal of YHVH.

Later in Ezekiel chapter 10, the book describes what some might consider extra terrestrials (cherubim or angels) and UFOs (whirling wheels). 

In Revelation chapter 7, God angels seal 144,000 Israelites, protecting them from the judgments of the End Times.

T References:

(1) Tamara's T graffiti (from Caprica)

(2) Tara's T tattoo (from United States of Tara)

(3) Transformers & (4) Toyota Prius & (5) Tiger (more info)


  1. Jenny,

    To really understand "the Apocalypse of John of Patmos" (Book of Revelation) you need to be familiar with:
    Greek, Phoenician, and Hebrew alphabets and the techniques of GEMATRIA and ISOPSEPHY.

    The best text to take it from would be the GREEK, as that was the language "Revelation" was originally authored in.


    Keep in mind "PI", and its value while reading.

    Revelation 7 (use of seal or TAV= 22nd letter of hebrew alefbet!)

    22nd letter / Chapter 7 = ancient PI
    22 / 7 = 3.142857......

    Which, you might notice, is VERY close to
    3.144 (or 3 and .144 to the THOUSAND(Th)s decimal place)
    Which may also give some further insight to the One Hundred and Fourty Four Thousand.

    3.144 (note the final four (4) is actually in the THOUSAND"TH"S decimal place)


    Keep in mind also that "12", as in the twelve tribes listed in this chapter (Rev. 7), reduces naturally to the single digit "3"
    (12 = 1 + 2 = 3)

    Which you will notice that the 12 tribe names appear in 4 separate verses, 3 tribe names only per line!!

    "3" x 4 = 12 !!

    The author is expressing and attracting your attention to "PI" !
    through the repetition of 3 with one 4
    3.14 !!

    TAV in phoenician is "X"!!
    3 "X" 4 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

    3 and one 4


    If you study the motion of the objects (stars/constellations) through the heavens (sky)...
    PI is necessary to calculate the ARC of the SKY (12 zodiac signs) and the orbital progression of the calendrical year.


  2. I should also have included for you that the physical makeup of HEBREW TAV is YOD and DALETH.
    (and to further get your attention, it (TAV) also bears some resemblance to the GREEK character "PI")

    YOD = 10
    DALETH = 4

    10 + 4 = 14

    3 dot 14 = PI !

    And if flash back to the Book of Daniel, we should also take into account that the primary angel of REVELATION is "G"abriel...

    Well there you have it...
    "G"imel = 3



  3. StrangeEye,
    Very good info you posted here.

    I still wonder why I am seeing Tav everywhere. Is it merely to point me to Astrology?

    Are there two separate issues here? God sealed Israelites with Pi? Or is this just a story to illustrate something?

  4. Jenny,

    if you're seeing something repeating, it has to do with you, and no one can answer that but you!

    What I mean is that YOU could tell ME why your are seeing tav everywhere, I can't tell YOU why you are seeing tav everywhere. I could only assist you to discover the meaning of the tav you are seeing.

    But as for your next set of questions...
    If you want to get into Hebrew Bible / Torah stuff the answer to your question would fill volumes (and has!)

    I would instead direct you to the Zohar for further understanding, but that will still only give you part of your answer.

    Remember that everything in the Torah/Bible and New Testament will usually have up to 7 meanings (or more!).

    I'm an Alkhemist so my personal take on it will make very little sense to any but practicing alkhemists.

    ...and if you're still really curious about what I mean by Alkhemist, Torah, and Zohar....

    Try asking a Rabbi about the Safra Detzniuta, the forbidden medicine, the red stone, and manna.

    But always keep in mind that "NO" spiritual progress occurs by being "given" an answer from another person, because that answer is only for the person giving it, not the person receiving it! You have to be inspired by the flame inside you to find your answers.

    It's the old parable about "Give a man a fish and teach a man 'TO FISH'"

    Learning "HOW" to uncover the spiritual truths or answers you seek is the important part!

    So WHY DO YOU think you're seeing TAV everywhere?!
    (and you can never never shy away from or be scared of your personal answer!)


  5. And Jenny,

    you also have to be willing to accept that the answer to seeing TAV everywhere may be a simple as it was only so you would blog about it and as a result I would reply to it giving you the key you need to find the complete answer yourself.

    Or even that I needed to re-look at something that was important and your part was to remind me of that.

    YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE not separate from it. It's the WE/ME thing. EVERY THING is connected.

    When YOU follow YOUR personal synchs they will ALWAYS lead you to somewhere amazing! But you can't give up following the synch until you are, at least for the moment, satisfied with the answer.