Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Where is the Sun?

Apparently, we shifted at least twice across the Milky Way. I have my own theory what happened but you'll just think I'm crazy.  I've had some scary visions and dreams, I'd also rather not share. There's just too many ways to interpret symbols. Quantum physics offers a few theories too that might explain why.

This posting is not to convince you what I believe. The intent is to only offer you the evidence we shifted. 

 Jesus says: 

Ask and ye shall receive, 

Seek and ye shall find, 

Knock and the door shall be opened.

 Here is the "evidence" or what Mandela Effect affected people say are "residuals":

 1) Carl Sagan said in 1980 "Cosmos: Shores of Cosmic Ocean"  that we live in Carina-Cygnus Arm of Milky Way. 

     fast-forward to 13:55 of video:

2) Neil deGrasse Tyson said in StarTalk episode S01 E04 August 9, 2015, we live in Sagittarius Arm of Milk Way. 

     fast-forward to 45:37 of audio: 

3) This reality says we live in Orion Spur of Orion Arm of Milky Way. 



  1. Not sure how relevant this is to our position in the milky way but Velikovsky also gives references to different cultures that identified the shift of the polar
    axis from being aligned with a star in the Big Dipper to being aligned with a star in the Little

    1. Wow! Thanks. I need to look into that!