The Illusions of Trinity & Duality

Meditate on the movement of the Torus.

Notice that the trefoil knot and yin yang symbol are both 2d stylized versions of the torus.

The trefoil knot represents the flow, or movement of the torus.

The triskelion or triskele are also 2d stylized versions of the torus, representing its movement.

Trinity is an illusion. 

The yin yang symbol shows the polarity of the torus. 
Poles are not separate entities.

 Duality is an Illusion.

Also, the Infinity symbol is another 2d stylized version of the torodial field flow.

The ouroboros is also the torus.
Yes, even the circle ouroborus is a torus, viewed top down.

Non-duality is the way. We are all one!

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  1. You're right in a round about way:-)
    But just as I have a left and right hand that is really all one (me), to experience the sound of my hands clapping I have to bring those two supposedly separate hands together.
    So with those hands and myself really being all one, I guess that is the sound of one hand clapping in a way, right?
    So I'm a trinity (left, right hands and my brain/consciousness) when it comes to bringing my hands together in the "real" world, but at the same time just all one.
    Of course in the overall "collective unconsciousness" those hands of mine are really yours as well, if we are all one, right?
    I guess everything is an illusion when you really break it all down...and then put it back together.

    1. Yeah, you've worked through non-duality very well. I'm still very new to non-duality. Jake Kotze pointed me to Rupert Spira, who speaks at SAND. You might dig some SAND videos on YouTube.

    2. Thanks for the tip.
      Jake Kotze is one of my sync-head heroes, so if Jake recommended the SAND video it's probably worth a look.

    3. Jake didn't recommend SAND, he recommended Rupert Spira, who has his own YouTube channel. I recommended SAND, because Rupert Spira speaks at their conventions.

  2. Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, the three Jewels. Do no harm. 87

    1. Indeed, you are a fellow satyagrahi. Nice to meet you!


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