The Illusions of Trinity & Duality

Meditate on the movement of the Torus.
Notice that the trefoil knot and yin yang symbol are both 2d stylized versions of the torus.

The trefoil knot represents the flow, or movement of the torus.

The triskelion or triskele are also 2d stylized versions of the torus, representing its movement.

Trinity is an illusion. 

The yin yang symbol shows the polarity of the torus.  Poles are not separate entities.
Duality is an Illusion.

Also, the Infinity symbol is another 2d stylized version of the torodial field flow.

The ouroboros is also the torus. Yes, even the circle ouroborus is a torus, viewed top down.

Non-duality is the way. We are all one!

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Church & Demons & UFOs are all working together

Here I Am . . .
   trying to un-indoctrinate myself.

Jeff Daughtery (The Christian Whistleblower) has made very compelling arguments in this video:

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Video: Visions of Mandela Effect Shifts

Two visions I received last November regarding the shifts some Mandela Effected people experience. See video below.

Some of the themes were:

We are ONE.POP of branesThe Flower of Life is the Mandala, the Bond #1, that we are Happy @ dis-CERN-ing.


Video: 214 BAD CODE

214 = BAD Transhumanism - gHost in sHell by Nicholson1968
screen capture @ 29:20
video link:
or watch/click below:

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Video: Mandela Effect: Searching for the Source

Reading excerpts of an 2007 article about CERNs LHC and  revelations of how it relates to the Mandela Effect.